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1. About Me


My name is Vichar Bhatt,

(russian: Вичар Бхатт),

(hindi: िवचार भट),

a.k.a E@zyVG™ on the net,

friends simply call me VG (vigee)

I come from India, but was brought up in Moscow, Russia, where I have lived most part of my life and still continue to do so.

I created this blog primarily to share my thoughts and views on whatever interests me and caught my attention – the topics are widespread, from world affairs and trends to gadgets that I use. I also have another blog – Linux & Open Source Blog … I guess the name says it all, so check it out.

My other interests: I am a big fan of Formula1 Racing, WilliamsF1 Team being the favourite since 1994. I am totally into music, and my taste is quite broad – starting from Old-School Rap/Hip-Hop/Soul/RnB to Russian Rock to Indian Classical music. Also I like to keep in touch with current world affairs – political, economical, social, technological as well as other trends that tend to shape us and the future of humanity.

Hmmm … guess that’s enough of my introduction )

You can contact me via eazyvg-at-gmail-dot-com or through the GTalk IM using the same address. Or you can Skype me: EazyVG

BTW, I am on a hunt for a nice job. As I am not a programmer, I am primarily seeking a vacancy in Management and/or Marketting department in a respectable organisation, preferably a senior-middle position. I am a quick learner. Contact me to get my resume. Also, if there is something else that you can offer, please do contact me.


Written by eazyvg

September 26, 2005 at 6:25 am

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